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Molecular Diagnostics

Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory has been evolving with the rapidly changing field of medical genetics.

Equipped with highly skilled and experienced technicians, the lab offers a very broad portfolio of genetic tests, ranging from the most prevalent disease pathology to the least common.

The lab has strong expertise in Oncology and Pharmacogenetics, complementing clinical diagnosis and monitoring of patients.

This laboratory is also responsible for developing unique tests offered by CGC Genetics, directed to the diagnostics of rare genetic diseases.


  • Jorge Pinto Basto, MD
    • Clinical Director of CGC Genetics

      Specialist in Clinical Genetics.

      Chairman of the Board of the College of Medical Genetics of the Portuguese Medical Association.

      Molecular Genetics and Clinical Genomics Laboratories Director of CGC Genetics.

      Clinics: Medical Genetics, Dysmorphology, Neurogenetics and Genetic Counselling.

      He has experience in the management of clinical molecular genetics laboratories and specializes in the clinical integration of genomic data (NGS). 

      Main fields of interest: NGS, genetics of rare diseases, dysmorphology, neurogenetics and variants evaluation.