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Mission and Strategy

CGC Genetics is a European reference laboratory dedicated to provide services at the vanguard of genetic diagnosis, which include, not only a highly innovative analysis, but also Clinical Genetics Clinics. CGC Genetics has facilities in Portugal (Porto and Lisbon), Spain (Madrid) and USA (NJ).

CGC Genetics mission is to provide the medical community with the most advanced technics of diagnosis in the field of Medical Genetics. With a focus on prevention by early diagnosis, and the economic enhancement of knowledge in the field of innovation, CGC Genetics is committed to deliver a service of excellence and superior quality.

CGC Genetics is actually a project that brings together more than two decades of experience and over 90 highly qualified professionals dedicated to integrate scientific and technological innovation of Medical Genetics in everyday clinical practice. The independent funding attached to a well-articulated and managed policy, strategy and mission, resulted in an integrated and sustainable project.

CGC Genetics also has a strong social commitment with their employees, investing in professional training, maintaining and expanding employment options, as well as playing a role, in the society by supporting the education of external experts, providing medical appontments and patient association support. Also, an important goal is the investment in research projects with national and international universities and assuming an educational role in the community.

CGC Genetics is the first private laboratory of medical genetics in Portugal (since 1992), is the first medical genetics laboratory certified by ISO 9001:2008 (since 2004), is the first CLIA-certified Portuguese laboratory (since 2007) and the first laboratory certified by NP 4457 (since 2009). In 2009, CGC Genetics increased its international investment by acquiring facilities in the US and two laboratories in Spain.

CGC Genetics remains the leading provider of genetic testing in Portugal, leading in Europe and has contracts with hospitals, clinics and universities in many countries. These dates, rather than landmarks, reflect the true spirit of the group: Quality and Innovation in the service of Medical Genetics.