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Genetic Counselling Appointment

CGC Genetics has available several medical genetic experts, specialized in genetic counselling.

A genetic counselling appointment consists in a physician-patient interaction to discuss potential issues related to the genetic disorder and its recurrence risk in family members.

It also helps the patient to understand and adapt to medical implications of the disease, both at psychological and familial level.

This appointment includes:

- Collection and interpretation of personal and family history in order to determine the possibility of a genetic disorder recurrence.

- Information on hereditary factors, analysis to be performed, disorder progression, prevention, etc.

- Counselling about alternative options depending on the risk and specific condition of each patient.


We work with most medical health insurance companies, which generally cover the Clinical Genetics Clinics/genetic counselling. In relation to genetic analysis, coverage may depend on insurance and patient policy. If you have any questions regarding this subject, please do not hesitate to contact us.