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CEO Message

CGC Genetics/Clinic Genetics Center, founded in 1983, had its laboratory expansion in 1992 with Cytogenetic Laboratory, as complement of medical genetic appointments. Therefore, CGC Genetics was the first private laboratory of Medical Genetics in Portugal.

CGC Genetics mission is to provide the medical community with the most advanced tools of diagnosis in Medical Genetics. With the focus on prevention by early genetic diagnosis and the economic value of knowledge in Innovation, we have a strong commitment in providing a service with excellence and quality. We value competence, accuracy and transparency.

We live in unique time where the horizon is closer and the future is today: we developed new tests and optimized resources, achieving useful and accessible genetic testing. This strategy allowed us to reach a national and international outstanding position.

We have a strong social commitment, placing the company's aim of maintaining and expanding employment by creating value, continuous professional training and strong sense of collaboration, seeking to be an international reference.

As a result, GCC Genetics has partners all over the world, with its own facilities in Portugal (Porto and Lisbon), Spain and the United States.

Since March 2014, Vallis Sustainable Partners, Private Equity, invested in CGC Genetics. Therefore, we can achieve our ambitious goals while maintaining our independence.


Purificação Tavares, MD, PhD
Specialist of Medical Genetics
Professor of Medical Genetics
CEO CGC Genetics Spain
CEO CGC Genetics Inc. USA

Portugal • Spain • USA