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Macular Dystrophy Vitelliform (sequence analysis of BEST1 and PRPH2 genes)
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Sanger sequencing

Specimen Requirements

Descriptive Volume /
Concentration 1
Container Transport
viability (days) 2
DNA ≥ 100 µL [50 ng/µL] Eppendorf Safe-lock Room temp. n/a
Peripheral blood ≥ 3 mL EDTA Room temp. 5
1 When it is not possible to collect the minimum volume for the test, please contact CGC Genetics
2 Maximum shipping time to ensure sample quality

Turnaround Time (Days)

- 60


- Rare diseases, Ophthalmology

CGC Reference

- 1262

Associated Tests

Macular dystrophy vitelliform (deletion/duplication analysis on BEST1 and PRPH2 genes)
Retinitis pigmentosa (deletion/duplication analysis of BEST1 and PRPH2 genes)
Cone rod dystrophy (NGS panel of 36 genes)
Stargardt disease and macular dystrophy (WES based NGS panel of 15 genes, including CNV analysis)
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