Anatomic Pathology

A national reference laboratory in Embryo-Fetal and Placental Pathology

Similarly to other medical specialties, a comprehensive and integrated obstetrics anatomopathological diagnosis is extremely important.

The pathological anatomical study of the placenta, the embryo or the fetus in centers of excellence is crucial to understand the causes related to early abortion or fetal/neonatal loss, which are often complex and with distinct etiology.

The Anatomical Pathology/Embryofetopathology Laboratory of CGC Genetics is integrated in a center of excellence and it is a national reference laboratory in Embryo-Fetal and Placental Pathology.

It preferably performs analysis in obstetric surgical pathology and autopsy fields, in particular:

  • Early abortion – embryo and gestational sac (< 11 weeks)
  • Placenta
  • Fetal/neonatal autopsy (> 11 weeks)
  • Surgical Pathology (Ectopic Pregnancy and Pregnancy-related Uterine Pathology)

It also performs anatomopathological analysis in the fields of Cytology and Surgical Pathology including Oncology with the possibility of carrying out additional molecular studies.