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Founded in 1992, CGC Genetics is one of the main European clinical genetics laboratories and leader in medical genetic tests in Portugal. CGC Genetics, with headquarters in Porto, reinforced its investment in Lisbon, USA (Newark) and Spain (Madrid) and, receives samples for genetic testing from all over the world, including hospitals, national and international, public and private, medical clinics, insurance companies and universities.

Using vanguard technologies and strict quality policies, CGC Genetics has a clinical department with 7 Medical Genetics Specialists. In addition, more than 80 highly qualified Geneticists are divided into 5 different laboratory areas: Clinical Genomics, Molecular Diagnostics, Cytogenetics, Prenatal screening and Pathology, offering more than 3 400 genetic tests for prenatal diagnostic and screening, hematology, oncology, neurology, ophthalmology, cardiology, preventive medicine, common and rare diseases, pharmacogenetics/clinical trials. It has wide experience in Array CGH, NGS panels, Disease Exome and Whole Exome Sequencing, analyzed and interpreted with high clinical integration.

The great investment in research and development of new and unique tests, positioned CGC Genetics as an international reference center (with more than 3 000 entries in different directories of genetic tests), being the exclusive diagnostic test provider for some disorders.

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